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The first time I saw a vinyl wrap on a car was a matte burnt orange, on matching rides, a Lamborghini Aventador and G63 AMG Mercedes that were rolling around the main strip in Nice, in the South of France. The car had Kuwait numberplates and immediately I assumed they had spent big money on some intense paint jobs. It wasn’t until further pursuing the idea of a vinyl wrap that I realised the very expensive customs were not cloaked in expensive paint, but rather inexpensive vinyl.

One thing I fear when thinking about this is that like I did, many other people will assume it had to be an expensive option, no way could it only be a vinyl, right? But it was and it is vinyl wraps that are cloaking supercars and tuners alike all over the world. Driving through my home city I regularly notice more and more cars with a wrap, most commonly BMW’s, Mercedes, some Audi’s and if your lucky an exotic. Most recently however I have started to notice some Mitsubishis, Nissans, Fords, really anything. That’s the best thing about a vinyl wrap. For a few thousand dollars you can make any car unique, it doesn’t have to be an exotic.

Here as an image of a beautiful matte blue Lancer. Get Inspired.

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