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Latest Articles

Vinyl wraps come in many different finishes and depending on the manufacturer they also come in a large array of colors. Often however they will come in one refined shade of each color in each finish. The finishes you can choose from are gloss, matte, carbon fiber, brushed metals and satin. Gloss aims to replicate the finish most commonly used in the painting of cars by manufacturers. It currently comes […]

A vinyl wrap once applied to your cars existing paint job should be treated the same as a manufacturers paint job. Regular cleaning is preferred to prevent any dirt, debris and grime from the road causing imperfections in the wrap. Vinyl wraps when installed by a professional will most likely come with a warranty and this will cover the usual cracks, peeling and fading. Vehicle neglect and obvious tampering with […]

The most important question and hardest answer to find, until now. Due to the different size and shape of vehicles it is hard to provide a set price list for exact costs. There are two ways you can look at the cost of a vinyl wrap. If you wish to have the car professionally wrapped you will pay for the vinyl products and the labor time taken to wrap the […]

A question that needs to be asked when thinking about wrapping your car, however not a deterrent. Each vinyl manufacturer provides different warranty’s on their product but on average the warranty is 7 years. That 7 year warranty is cover for all cracks, peeling and fading that are not a result of user fault. With each manufacturer on average providing a 7 year warranty, it does not mean you should […]

A Vinyl wrap is exactly that. You might have seen the rich and playful dressing up their Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini with a custom wrap that makes their ride stand out from the rest. It seems it is no longer just okay to acquire the car itself, it’s all about the unique look from the next one that makes it a statement. A vinyl wrap is a high quality, large […]