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A vinyl wrap once applied to your cars existing paint job should be treated the same as a manufacturers paint job. Regular cleaning is preferred to prevent any dirt, debris and grime from the road causing imperfections in the wrap.

Vinyl wraps when installed by a professional will most likely come with a warranty and this will cover the usual cracks, peeling and fading. Vehicle neglect and obvious tampering with the vinyl will however cause most warranty’s to be void.

When washing your car use mild soap and hot water to clean away any grime that has built up on the vinyl surface. When spraying your car with water try to use a low pressure hose or apply water by hand with use of a bucket. A high pressure hose may cause the wrap to crack and peel and could be considered user fault and result in a void warranty.

Special consideration needs to be mentioned in regard to bird droppings and any tree saps that may fall onto your car when leaving it parked without cover. Droppings and saps contain acid that may eat away at the vinyl and cause discoloration and imperfections. In saying this you do not have to stress immediately as soon as you find the car is dirty, but ensure that you do not leave it too long before cleaning the car. Keeping a packet of cleaning wipes in your glove box is ideal for spot cleaning and will help to increase the longevity of the wrap, keeping the vinyl looking fresh.

The cleaner you keep the vinyl the longer it will last, so it is in your best interest to keep the vinyl clean. If however your vinyl does eventually begin to wear through age, remember that it can always be removed to reveal the previous paint job applied by the car manufacturer.

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