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The most important question and hardest answer to find, until now. Due to the different size and shape of vehicles it is hard to provide a set price list for exact costs.

There are two ways you can look at the cost of a vinyl wrap. If you wish to have the car professionally wrapped you will pay for the vinyl products and the labor time taken to wrap the car. This option will on average cost $3000 for a finished job. The other alternative that you have when looking to vinyl wrap your car is a do it yourself job. Now most people look at DIY and assume that a) it will be much harder, and b) that the quality will be no where near a professional. However if you have the patience and are willing to try then the cost can be reduced to 40% of a professionally done job.

An estimated price list for different sized vehicles with installation based on our findings,

Small vehicle/Hatch – $2000
Mid sized vehicle/sedan – $2500
Large vehicle/saloon – $3000
Sports utility/4×4 – $3500-5000

There is no limit on size when it comes to vinyl wrapping, if you have a truck it can still be done at extra expense.

Are there any costs involved after the initial installation?
This question is commonly asked but the answer is no. Once the wrap is installed it can be treated like a normal paint job any expenses would be optional such as wash’s and cleaning products. Note however that you do not need to use specific cleaning products or pay for professional wash’s. See our guide to looking after your vinyl wrap here.

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