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A question that needs to be asked when thinking about wrapping your car, however not a deterrent. Each vinyl manufacturer provides different warranty’s on their product but on average the warranty is 7 years. That 7 year warranty is cover for all cracks, peeling and fading that are not a result of user fault.

With each manufacturer on average providing a 7 year warranty, it does not mean you should expect your vinyl only to last 7 years. The warranty is usually a minimum time frame so you can expect that with regular washing and the same level of care you would give to a painted car, that the product would last beyond 10 years.

When given a rough product life of 10 years you have to consider how long the average person holds on to the one car and how long you intend to hold on to the car for. The majority of people like to change to a newer model car every 3-4 years however a large percentage of people like to keep their car for the life of their repayments (an average car repayment will take 10 years). With this information it is safe to say that a vinyl wrap with the same constant care as a painted car will have the same life span as the cars ownership.

When it comes around to selling the car after it has been wrapped it is important to know that the vinyl can be removed to reveal the same quality paint job you had prior. This means that the vinyl can last as long as you wish, if you choose to purchase the vinyl and then have a change of heart a few years later it can always be removed. The same goes for resell value, if you do not think that it will sell with the wrap finish then you can have it removed to increase the resell potential and value.

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